When we receive an initial inquiry, we conduct a succinct structured interview with you to precisely determine the depth and details of your energy-related issues. Once we have detailed the issues and corroborated them with you, we provide a straightforward and concise Project Memorandum to you that lays out our common understanding of the challenges and then articulates the approach that we recommend to resolve them. The Project Memorandum  provides an estimated scope of work, outlines the steps and timeline for the project, and identifies the specific expert or experts that will be best able to bring resolution to the identified issues. You will have the opportunity to address the details, directly interview the experts that will work with you, and maintain close contact with them throughout the engagement.

After we come to a common understanding of how we will work with you, we will provide you a written Engagement Letter that serves as an agreement between the Vista Energy Group and you, our client. The Engagement Letter is specific and not open-ended and can be modified at any time through direct discussions. Our goal is to engage, on a highly cost-effective basis, the specific expertise needed, and to provide analyses, consultations, and deliverables that can resolve your issues and address your needs.

No issue is too big or too small. We welcome your calls, emails, and other inquiries and are here to assist you with any difficultes, challenges, or needs your firm may be facing.