Our System

We are a network-based consulting firm that brings the appropriate expertise to bear on your energy issues. We are different than many consulting firms in that we do not carry a large overhead and we tailor the team to address your energy issues by drawing on our network of highly-qualified consultants. We also allocate, with your close participation, the exact resources that will be brought to bear on your project so that you have a strong level of control over the full timeline, process, and results. Our deliverables are exceptionally professional and can be used in any business or legal setting. In short, we offer the optimal, cost-effective, and client-centered consulting service to address your needs.

Our Approach

Complexity and risk are constants in any energy issue whether it is technical, regulatory, economic, financial, contractual, litigious, compliance, or personnel related. Handling both complexity and risk are key to arriving at the right conclusion in formulating the appropriate advice for our clients. Our firm practices in a highly ethical manner and with a strong record of trust in our client relationships.

Our Process

We assess your situation and develop a proposal that specifically addresses your unique needs. We work directly with you to assure that we are bringing precisely the resources that are necessary and required to resolve your issues. Because we are a network-based consulting firm, we can bring exactly the right mix of talent to assure that our proposed approach will result in the desired outcome in a cost-effective manner.

Our Commitment                                            

We commit to resolving your energy issues in a professional manner. While we cannot always guarantee the outcome of any consultative process, our highly qualified expert team assigned to your project will bring information and insights that  allow you to determine your optimal path forward. We will accompany you through the resolution of your energy issues to an extent other firms may not offer.